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Our VAT Identification Number:NL002506745B16

What we do:

We retail quality products while giving back to improve people’s lives. We are your ultimate shopping destination for quality fashion and lifestyle, being host to a wide array of merchandise including fashionable shoes, personal care, accessories,  jewelry, and much more. Jumpstart your style by exploring our treasure-trove of high-quality trendy items today. For wholesale inquiries please click Here 

Our Mission

To be the leading provider of quality products and services to consumers by boosting small businesses online and offline.  

Our slogan is Trading with a passion for making a difference by giving back. 

Giving back (a different way of doing business). Check out some of the give-back projects we are working on HERE

We fundamentally believe that businesses like ours must change the way they relate with their customers. Yes, a company needs to make a profit, but it is also essential to look out for the needs of the underserved; this is why we value the concept of “giving back.” Giving back means that for every sale we make, we set aside 2% to 3 % and invest it in support of underserved communities worldwide, especially in Africa. We do this by systematically targeting critical economic areas such as healthcare/building hospitals, education/building schools, creating more jobs, and much more. So, your purchase from our shop today is significant to us because it allows us to fulfill this fundamental principle.

We Are More Than Just Shopping

You have learned about our concept of giving back. So we invite you to be part of our community, a community of changemakers. We think it is fun to buy while giving back. Be our changemaker today by sending us some stories about new products or service providers, or changer makers in the area of entrepreneurship in your area. We want to feature (shout out / promote) them in our project area and our social media (with their permission, of course).

Boots on the ground

Giving back means being part of the community on the ground. So we are also on the lookout for forming partnerships with local businesses, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, farmers, and much more. Yes, we are also brand promoters, business match matchmakers, customer service providers, and after-sales service providers.

We are on the move. Enjoy our current product collection while it lasts!

We have a wide range of quality products from Women’s FashionMen’s FashionChildren ToysSmart Electronics, Luggage & Bags, and more. We are also working on expanding our product collection into categories like Antiques, Customized products like sneakers, Medical equipment, African Fashion and Art, and much more. Why are we doing this? We are doing this to be the number one cheerleader of quality domestic brands online and offline. Secondly, to give back by reinvesting to uplift the quality of people around the world.  

Excellent shopping experience fueled by a giving back multiplier  

We provide a variety of choices, reasonable prices, customer service, and high-quality products; however, we want you to shop with us knowing that you are helping us to change the world. Remember that when you buy a product from us, you are triggering a multiplier effect beyond just our company. We are working hard to meet this goal with your help.  

Don’t forget to come back often to see our new offers and promotions! The team is full of ideas and likes surprises. That is why staying tuned to learn about upcoming sales and special offers, especially shortly before the holidays, is significant. 

Again, Thank you very much for shopping with us. 

Service guarantees

BOWtali offers 15 days day hassle-free returns, 24 – hour comprehensive customer service / after-sales customer services. 

15-Day hassle-free returns

24-hour customer service

Our Concept

On and offline business booster – provide quality products and services.

“Give back” through targeted Re-investment

Building a strong customer base – the “changemakers.”


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