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Building A Health Center in Uganda

The Founder’s Background

Grace is a Registered Nurse in the United States who is passionate about promoting health and wellness as well as making a difference in people’s lives regardless of their background. She grow up in  Masaka District- Uganda. Growing up, she witnessed people in her community living in intense poverty, which challenged many rural residents in accessing basic health-care services.

Grace shares many stories where she witnessed neighbors and friends in her village losing loved ones to preventable illnesses due to limited access to basic health-care services. With her background as a health-care worker, Grace felt a deep sense of commitment to make a difference in rural communities by promoting health and wellness particularly to the less privileged.


So, Grace is building a Health-Center to help improve the healthcare situation in Uganda.  By making a purchase here today, we can help expedite the construction of this HealthCenter through our give-back program.

You cannot find what you need from our shop? No problem. Please tell us your wish here or via WhatsApp here. +31614846807. You can also donate directly to Grace Community Health Center HERE

Learn more about Grace Community Health Center here.

Again, Thank you very much.

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Water gift to Uganda by Tobby Atimnedi: 

Tobias, aka Tobby was born in Anyiribu, a sub-county in Northern Uganda. He had not been there for a very long time, but when his father passed away, he made a trip from America to see where his father was laid to rest. His siblings, relatives, friends, and in-laws were thrilled to see him back home in Uganda. As usual, many of them wanted to know more about the United States and how his life was in the United States. It was a bittersweet moment as a big crowd of people gathered around to welcome him, listen to his story, and share a moment of his father’s passing. 

Water is life!

At the end of the gathering, one of his sisters raised her hand to ask a question.

“Tobby, I see you are drinking bottled water, and we are drinking water from the pot. I understand that you know that the water we have here is dirty. May you please help us drill a borehole around here to provide us with clean water?” She asked.

This question hit Tobby hard that he broke down in tears.  Suddenly, he was reminded of his family’s real struggles and the people in this region since his childhood, mainly due to a lack of safe, clean water. He was reminded about the direct link between poverty and lack of access to clean, safe water and proper sanitation. Water is life indeed.

The cost!

The cost for one borehole in this region ranges between $5800 – $8500 depending on the contractor’s reserve -price and the number of boreholes to be drilled, and the nature of the rocks beneath the soil. Still, the benefits and opportunities for supporting the community growth with such drilling are far higher than the cost itself.

However, Tobby cannot do it alone; In fact, he cannot afford to do it at all. This is where BOWtali (alongside you) comes in. For every purchase you make on the BOWtali, a small percentage of that purchase supports this project. Please make a purchase here today  Together, we can help the people of Anyiribu in Northern Uganda get a gift of water through our give-back program.

You cannot find what you need from our shop?

No problem, please tell us your wish HERE or via WhatsApp here. +31614846807. Better yet, you can donate directly to Tobby’s GoFundMe page HERE.

Again, thank you very much for your support! 

Sponsored by BOWtali


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